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Novel and Short Stories

I have written several short stories, and is currently revising the first novel in my "Land of Seven Trees" steampunk trilogy.


I'll be adding more to this page later, but until then, here is a short synopsis of the first novel!

Stone’s Throw (A Land of The Seven Trees Novel)

As a young chipmunk, Adeos spent long hours watching his father in his workshop. His curiosity was insatiable and nothing would stop him from becoming an inventor just like his father: at least, until the accident. Ten years later, burdened with guilt over his parent’s deaths, he spends his days immersed in dull classes, followed by long nights tinkering on models of the majestic steam powered airships that he once dreamed of building.


On the day of his graduation, he receives a package. It contains a stone, and a cryptic message in his father’s own paw-writing: “The Kingdom is in danger. Protect this stone, and TRUST NO ONE.”

Now, a rogue member of the King’s elite guard wants the stone, and he will do anything, even kill, to get it. To escape, Adeos must make his way across the kingdom of Great Oak, traveling by airship, cable-train, and even on foot through perilous forests inhabited by the terrifying and deadly Karn.

Welcome to the Land of The Seven Trees, a world where forest animals command the height of steam and clockwork technology, and where they build their magnificent cities in the branches of behemoth trees for fear of what lies below. Here, the fate of an entire kingdom lies in the paws of a young chipmunk whose only hope is to finally realize his own strange talents, and put his trust in the most unlikely of friends.

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