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Douglas is a sentient being of many hats, and this does not just refer to his vast collection of gentleman's head-wear. His music is fraught with irreverence and soul felt sentimentality. With a sound like Gordon Lightfoot and Frank Zappa jamming at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, he can move seamlessly from a folk ballad, to a melodic rock anthem, and then into a quirky sci-fi love song. An evening with Douglas is more than a concert— it’s a mad fantastical journey.

Our protagonist grew up in the Upper Peninsula, taking piano lessons (sometimes reluctantly) from the first grade all the way through high school. After receiving his degree in music composition at Western Michigan University, a chance meeting drew Douglas into the world of Renaissance festivals where he developed his exuberant theatrical style. To this day, one can still see him wandering the lanes and singing his songs-- a throwback to a bygone age.

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